Florianopolis, Brazil / Jan-Feb, 2017 

Camp1DER is a pop-up institute and a gathering of masters. Located in beautiful Florianopolis, Brazil, we’ve curated a summer-season catalog of weekend and weeklong workshops, boot-camps, retreats, roundtables and expeditions.

Our courses are wisdom-oriented, multi-disciplinary and focused on the leading-edge of innovation, sustainability and human potential. Surrounded by beaches, rivers and mountains, we celebrate and champion education, arts, wellness and community.



The teachers at Camp1DER are renowned professors and industry trail-blazers providing unique, creative and brilliant courses.

Arts, Body & Movement, Health & Wellness, Innovation, Leadership, Self, Science, Spirituality and Technology are amongst the many learning themes that will be present surrounded by beautiful natural settings and amidst amazing people.





We are a global network of scholars, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs inspired by our times, challenges and opportunities. Our community is defined by avid learners and master craftsmen, keen on self-development and making the world better for all.

Join us in wonder and adventure, in sharing knowledge and experience.  Join us in celebration of the human spirit, in return to nature.